Building a podcast app

Planning and DRY

Creating an app can be daunting, especially at the beginning. A lot of people in the community say that they get stuck in tutorial hell. Personally, I’ve never had this problem. Tutorials are boring for me, I just want to make cool apps! I find it exciting applying new techniques, following the DRY rule and seeing new updates being implemented to the site.

However, planning applications is something new for me. Below you can see my rough draft of the component tree and the layout of the website. This was a very useful activity and gave me a road map on how to approach the containers and components whilst following the DRY rule.


After I started making the app, a few things started to become clear and I updated the design of the component tree and layout, as you can see below.


Below you can see the progress of the app so far.

Screenshot from 2020-12-06 17-12-39

It has a long way to go! The aim of the project is to learn more about routing and testing, whilst using enzyme and jest. I’ll update the blog with my progress at some point during the week.