Hi, I'm David Fisher.
A Developer living in London.

I'm a highly motivated problem-solving technical artist who enjoys building things with code.

My first experience with programming was when I was 14. I built a very simple website for my rock band and learnt the basics of HTML and CSS. I remember enjoying it but I had other focuses in my life such as playing the guitar and making movies. As I got older, I became a movie nerd which led to me becoming a Visual Effects Compositor in the film industry. Years later, I decided to start learning Javascript. I've always had a passion for creating and being quite a logical person, I immersed myself in the world of code and started building applications for fun.

I think the skills that I've learnt in the VFX industry have been extremely beneficial when learning to code, especially when it comes to technical problem-solving. Ben Kent, a Lead Research Engineer at the Foundry, has said: "From what I've seen a lot of compositors do have a developer's mindset, just with better dress sense"   link to article.

Since then, I've been honing my skills and learnt how to use ReactJS. I'm currently seeking a full-time role where I can help a company achieve its goals.

ReactJShtmljavascriptcssGatsby.jsgitmaterial uiJest/Enzyme



PodApp is an application for discovering and listening to podcasts in your web browser.


Inspired by my interest in films, this application allows users to create a list of movies to watch and rate.


Users can search for a city name and if matched, will display current weather.


Play the famous board game against a computer AI.

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