My first blog.

Movie nerd turned tech geek

Let me introduce myself, I’m a professional wannabe web developer switching from a career in the movie industry. I’ve been learning to code since April 2020. This blog will document my progress, learnings and thoughts.

Why am I starting a blog?


Blogging has numerous benefits, but the biggest gain is obtaining a better understanding of the subject that you’re writing about. Being able to explain a technical matter in your own words cements the learning.


Writing out how I’ve overcome obstacles or technical issues will hopefully aid other developers who are facing similar issues.


With remote working becoming more popular, competition for jobs is fierce. Having a brand and sticking out from the crowd will be more important than ever in the future.


I’ve never been happy with my writing skills and it’s been bugging me for a while. I vaguely remember scoring two C’s in English Literature and English Language at GCSE’s which blew my mind at the time. Although I’ve never been diagnosed, I’m pretty sure I have some form of dyslexia. If there are missing words and grammar mistakes, then you know why!


I’m hoping to meet other web developers with a similar attitude and drive who are passionate about coding.

Blogging once a week is my target, so look out for some fresh content.

Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions, or just want to chat. Interested to hear from all developers at different stages in their careers.